COVID-19 Updates: The physical SLA Knowledge & Production Lab space on the 4th floor of Wells Hall is currently closed.  The Lab will follow MSU reactivation protocols outlined here. We will report here when the lab physically reopens for data collection and in-person meetings.

What is the mission of the Lab?

What can you do in the Lab?

Promotion of ethical research, open-access materials, & transparent practices

The purpose of the Lab is to work toward a comprehensive set of measures and methods that work together to systematically investigate SLA processes and outcomes. We do this to better understand SLA theories and processes, and to better understand how foreign and second languages can be optimally  taught. 

The Lab is just getting launched! Prior to spring 2021, the “SLA Lab,” as it was called, was a Lab for exclusively for data collection.  The lab’s mission has expanded, and we look forward to reopening! In Fall 2021, we the Lab will have in-person meetings for the first time. Virtual attendance will be an optional way to participate even if we are allowed to meet in person. Discussions will focus on Lab work, peer mentoring, outreach initiatives, and funding opportunities. 

We are proud to promote Lab members’ outreach, public service, and open-science practices. As part of Lab on-boarding, members receive mentorship on establishing persistent digital identifiers, such as ORCID, establishing a strong and healthy online presence, and logging and registering research projects and components within the Open Science Framework (OSF). 


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